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Parenting Coordination Services

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The role of the Parenting Coordination Service is to assist in the implementation of a parenting plan, where custody and access have already been decided. The parenting coordinator will:

  • monitor compliance of the plan;
  • help resolve disputes with the plan as they arise;
  • help standardize daily routines in the two homes;
  • help parents to focus on the needs of the children and reduce their child(ren)’s exposure to parental conflict;
  • help to communicate and plan medical, psychological or other care needs for their child(ren);
  • facilitate discussion of discipline strategies;
  • and help resolve other parenting issues raised by either parent.

Click here for the referral questionnaire.

Click here for a general information sheet.

COVID-19 presents unique challenges for families that share custody of children.

If you need some help to navigate decisions for visits, school, health care, child care and COVID protocols, please click here for more information on a program that can help your family.