Child Witness Project

The Child Witness Project, in operation since 1987, is designed to assist and support young victims and witnesses of crime, usually in cases of physical or sexual abuse, peer assaults, or domestic violence. Referrals are also accepted for capacity assessments and expert testimony.

The Child Witness Project provides assistance during the stressful period after criminal victimization and its disclosure but before resolution of the case in Court. The Child Witness Project provides Court preparation to assist child and adolescent witnesses to communicate their evidence without being traumatized by the challenging process of testifying.

Young victims and witnesses who are involved in Court preparation through the Child Witness Project will receive education and information about the justice process, knowledge about how to effectively manage both chief and cross examination, Court tours, information about special testimonial aids, as well as support on the day of their testimony. Court preparation can also include assistance with stress reduction, coping strategies, emotional support and referrals.

The Child Witness Project clinician will assess the special and individual needs of all children and adolescents who are involved in the project and will advocate to ensure those needs are met.

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