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Parenting Plan Evaluations

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What is a Parenting Plan Evaluation?

A Parenting Plan Evaluation is an independent assessment of a family following separation and divorce. This specialized assessment makes recommendations to assist parents, lawyers, and the Court in deciding on parenting time and decision-making responsibilities that are in the best interests of the children. Most parenting plan evaluations are ordered by the Court, under Section 30 of the Children’s Law Reform Act, but parents can also request an assessment directly.

Parenting Plan Evaluations is a service provided by LFCC’s new division, Navigating Onward (NavOn).

What is the process?

The assessment:

  • Typically takes 3 to 4 months (depending on the complexity of the case)
  • Consists of 3 to 5 interviews for parents at our London office
  • Includes a first appointment outlining the process of the assessment, gaining the consent of the parties, and explaining the limits to confidentiality
  • Involves multiple individual interviews with parents/caregivers to discuss the current situation, the background history, parents’ views on parenting and their children’s needs
  • May consist of completing questionnaires and rating scales to learn more about each person’s functioning and views on child-rearing
  • Incorporates observations of parent-child interactions
  • Involves assessing the child(ren)’s needs and views
  • Includes gathering information from collateral sources for the parents and the children (e.g., physicians, counsellors, police, school, friends/family) Parents will receive feedback on the results and recommendations will be provided. A report will be prepared and made available to the parents through their lawyer.

What is the Cost?

A retainer model is used for separation and divorce services. This means that a payment is made in advance and as the work is done, the money in the retainer is used. If there is money left in the retainer at the end of service, this is returned. Parenting Plan Evaluation services and pricing can be accessed through LFCC’s newest division, Navigating Onward (NavOn).

Get Started at Navigating Onward

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