LFCC Appoints New Executive Director and Launching New Division Navigating Onward

December 8, 2021 - News & Developments

LFCC Appoints New Executive Director and Launching New Division Navigating Onward

London Family Court Clinic’s Board of Directors is excited to announce a number of changes that increase our capacity as we plan for continued success.

London Family Court Clinic’s long-standing and highly respected Executive Director, Dr. Dan Ashbourne, announced his intended retirement from LFCC in September 2021. Dr. Ashbourne planned to retire in the summer of 2022 but opted to begin the transition earlier.

LFCC, like many social service agencies, is facing challenges and opportunities as changes unfold within provincial mental health and justice system programs. LFCC has been engaged in community-wide discussions through many years of collaborative efforts and we look forward to continuing our collective community work in strengthening partnerships with sister organizations to ensure success in quality service delivery to our clients.

After a thorough recruitment process, we are very happy to announce Mr. Tuhin Jajal as the new Executive Director of LFCC starting January 4, 2022. Mr. Jajal has been a member of the LFCC Board for 5 years and is keenly aware of our history, our strengths, challenges, and opportunities.  He is a thought-provoking leader with a proven track record of drawing people and organizations together resulting in strong outcomes, growth, and sustainability. Mr. Jajal’s management style focuses on connecting with his teams and building strong, robust cultures of communication, diversity, and inclusion. He has experience in transformational change and business development in the public, private and non-profit sectors. He is a strategic, well-connected senior executive with 20+ years’ experience working in multi-disciplinary settings, leading strategic transitions, corporate strategy, people & culture development, and partnership management.

He has represented Crown Corporations in front of Legislative Assemblies and the Canadian Human Rights Commission (Federal) to advocate for social justice and change for marginalized communities by building access to a variety of services.  He believes deeply in LFCC’s mission to build resiliency within youth and families and is committed to advocating for equitable access to services by professionals within LFCC and beyond. Mr. Jajal will benefit from a transition schedule that will include access to Dr. Ashbourne beyond his “official” retirement date.

As part of our strategic plan, LFCC is in the process of piloting a new social enterprise division called NavOn (Navigating Onward). Dr. Kim Harris has been providing direct client service in all programs at LFCC for many years and is leading the development of NavOn. Dr. Harris’s passion, reputation for excellent clinical services and training, and business acumen make her uniquely suited to transforming our fee for service area into a successful social enterprise. NavOn will expand its offerings while remaining closely tied to LFCC. You’ll be hearing more about NavOn in the coming weeks but in the meantime, you can learn more by visiting www.navigatingonward.com.

Dr. Ashbourne has not only been our ED. He is a widely sought out clinical psychologist and will be continuing clinical work through NavOn after retiring as executive director of LFCC. We consider this ongoing relationship as the perfect way to offer Dr. Ashbourne flexibility while retaining access to his vast knowledge, skills, and passion as part of the LFCC/NavOn family and increasing our ability to serve more of our community.

With Mr. Jajal at the helm of LFCC, Dr. Harris leading NavOn, continued access to Dr. Ashbourne’s expertise, LFCC’s Board of Directors and a dedicated staff team, LFCC is committed to continued growth through strength, innovation, and accountability. Excellent client service, a healthy work environment and collaborative partnerships will guide us through many more years of success.

The Board extends a warm welcome to Mr. Jajal, congratulations to Dr. Harris on her new role and an immense thank you to Dr. Ashbourne for guiding us through the past 10 years.

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