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Caring Communities
Resilient Children & Families
Beyond the Justice System
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Courthouse Facility Dogs – National Service Dog (NSD) Merel

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Adolescent Services

Family Services

Evaluation & Research


Community Partners

The London Family Court Clinic works with many community partners including social service agencies, hospitals and other health organizations; children’s mental health centres and youth residential and custodial facilities.

About the Clinic

For over 40 years the London Family Court Clinic has served children and families involved in the justice.system.

We are a non-profit, registered charity funded partially by the Ontario government and overseen by a voluntary Board of Directors.


We first opened our doors in 1974 with 2 staff members offering a single service.

Today, we offer 13 different service areas and serve multiple coordination roles.

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London Family Court Clinic
254 Pall Mall St., Suite 200
London, Ontario N6A 5P6 CANADA
PHONE: 519-679-7250
TOLL FREE: 1-855-220-9393
FAX: 519-675-7772