Online Safety for All

Teenagers are very tech-savvy and use electronics to communicate every day. The purpose of this 6 week psychoeducational group is to learn about appropriate and safe use of the internet.

Group Program Overview

Young men (12-18) who attend this group may have already gotten into some trouble (with parents, school officials, or the police) for their online behaviour. These youth will benefit from taking time to think through some of the ways they can stay safer in future.

Each week in this 6 week in-person group program, we will focus on topics to help youth understand some of the things they need to think about and some of the legal consequences of online behaviour. In particular, we will be talking about how sexual behaviour online, such as looking at pornography, sexting, or sharing of sexual images, can become problematic and get young people into trouble. Our overall goal is to promote safe online behaviour for youth and have them leave the group with clear strategies for staying safer – this includes avoiding police involvements in future.

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how emotions, actions, and the media are connected and what this means for online behaviours.
  • Have a deeper understanding of the law and how things can go wrong.
  • Make safer choices for themselves when online.

Who Can Participate?

Males age 12-18 with inappropriate online behaviour concerns with no serious previous charges. Group involvement is voluntary.

Program Delivery

This program is not currently available at London Family Court Clinic but professionals can reach out us to become a trained facilitator and deliver it at their organization.

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