Your Impact

When we work together, we guarantee better outcomes and brighter futures for children, youth, and their families. Your contributions make the difference; together we can improve access to care, support and expand our child and youth support services, and provide more education and training opportunities for industry professionals and future leaders working in the justice system and community mental health.

Every year, children, youth, and families are impacted by crime—and we work to find lasting solutions.

One way we can accomplish this is through community collaboration—through partnerships with other community organizations, joint research initiatives, volunteers and fundraising. Together, we’re making our community stronger.

In the last year, your donations helped…

Buy toys, food, grooming and shelter for our facility dog helping to make children feel safe and secure.

Over 200 families come to a resolution without going to court through ADR-Link.

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Eliminate transportation barriers for families who need to access services.

Transition children, youth, and families into long-term support programs.

Every dollar you give goes toward service delivery and growth, projects, and research at London Family Court Clinic.

We can do so much with your help. You can choose a fund you’d like your donation to go to that speaks to your specific cause or see all the other ways you can make a contribution when you use the online form.

Make A Donation

London Family Court Clinic General Fund

London Family Court Clinic works to help children and families connected to the justice system move through their experience to realize a better outcome once beyond that system.

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Beacon House Child & Youth Advocacy Fund

Beacon House is a safe space and support centre for children and youth victims of abuse. An advocate guides a child and their family through a child abuse investigation and assists them into long-term support programs.

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Counselling Service Availability Fund

Together we can eliminate barriers to accessing valuable counselling services by making it more affordable to families.

Our Facility Dog

Our facility dog helps children feel safe and reduces the negative emotions they may experience while in the justice system. Our facility dog is an integral member of our Child Witness Project Team and is completely funded by community donations.

Youth & Family Practical Supports Fund

Practical supports, such as covering parking fees or transportation costs, eliminates barriers for families that need to access services.

Upstream Endowment Fund

Help us create and foster a productive environment for future endeavors and research centred around finding solutions to crime and community challenges.


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Every dollar you give goes toward service delivery and growth, projects, and research at London Family Court Clinic.