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Family Mediation

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What is Family Mediation?

Mediation is a family dispute resolution process where a neutral third person called a mediator helps the parents work together to resolve a dispute. The mediator does not make the decisions for the parents but can help the parents find a resolution that is mutually acceptable.

Family Mediation is an alternative to court and litigation and can accomplish goals related to parenting time and decision-making as well as finances.

Family Mediation is a service provided by LFCC’s newest division, Navigating Onward (NavOn).

What is the process?

The mediator will meet individually with each parent to understand their wants, needs, and views. The mediator will then outline and define the issues that have been raised, and make sure everyone is working together on the common goals. The mediator will help all family members understand the issues and will work with the family to find some possible solutions. The result is a verbal or written agreement that may or may not be legally binding. Parents are encouraged to have the agreement reviewed by a lawyer.

What is the Cost?

Mediation is economical compared to a trial, teaches parents more about themselves and their children, helps parents become better communicators and can help reduce conflict between parents. Family Mediation services and pricing can be accessed through LFCC’s newest division, Navigating Onward (NavOn).

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