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Lona’tshistanet (Fire Keepers)

Lona’tshistanet was a wellness program, for Oneida youth and their families, that combines Indigenous healing with Western practices.

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FASD Connect

FASD CONNECT was a peer-mentorship based initiative connects parents and caregivers in need of support to two trained peer mentors with lived experience in the London area.

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Poverty Reduction Strategy

A 3-year project that introduced service coordination to justice-involved youth who are living in poverty.

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The DELTA Project series focuses on family violence and is designed to assist professionals in the fields of social services, justice, and education in their work with families and families who are in need of information when they are experiencing violence within their family.

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Indigenous Framework

A 2-year project that developed a culturally appropriate framework to aid in the assessment of FNMI youth who are involved or at-risk of involvement in the criminal justice system.


An 8-week program to support N’Amerind Friendship Centre, an Indigenous-serving organization, in building capacity in order to address FNIM youth served in more culturally-appropriate ways.

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Women Enabling Access and Learning Through Helping/Healing (WEALTH)

A peer-mentorship pilot program designed to support women who live in poverty, to experience parenting-focused, functional relationships with two other women with lived experience.

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