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Dr. Daniel T. Ashbourne

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Dr. Daniel T.  Ashbourne, C.Psych

Executive Director


Dr. Ashbourne is a Clinical Psychologist, registered in Ontario by the College of Psychologists(#2913) and Accredited Family Mediator (AccFM) by the Ontario Association for Family Mediation (#572-19). Since 2011, Dr. Ashbourne has been the Executive Director at the London Family Court Clinic (LFCC), in London, Ontario, Canada and has held various positions there over the past 20 years. This unique Clinic provides mental health services to children and families involved with legal/clinical systems.

Dr. Ashbourne provides assessments and consultations to the courts for the Youth in Conflict with the Law, Child Welfare and/or Custody and Access programs. He also provides consultation to the ADR-LINK referral service and for FASD Assessments. Dr. Ashbourne brings more than 30 years of experience to LFCC and has been a long-standing member of the Association of Family & Conciliation Courts (AFCC) and the Ontario Chapter of AFCC for the past 10 years.

Dr. Ashbourne has provided numerous workshops, consultations to courts, and has been invited to consultations on: “Provincial Review of ADR”; “Supervised Visitation (Access) Focus Group”; Health and Welfare Canada’s Guidelines for research and treatment programs related to “Evaluation of Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Programs in the Rural Setting”; and participated in an Atlantic Regional workshop on “Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse, Assault, and Neglect.”

More recently, Dr. Ashbourne and others at LFCC have participated in the development of research evaluating “Mediation with Child Protection Cases,” as well as being on the steering committees for some new initiatives such as a parenting program called “Caring Dads”. This program, for fathers with abusive parenting approaches and designed to promote healthier father/child relationships, is based on power and control dynamics. It was tested in London, Toronto, and Boston. Dr. Ashbourne is the chief administrator for our training division, provides training to a wide range of professionals and most recently has provided training on family relations for mediators in training as well as interviewing children and reporting on the Voice of the Child.

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