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In conjunction with other service providers, London Family Court Clinic staff has/will participate(d) in many confernces. See below for detailed descriptions of past and future conferences.

Canadian Conference on Promoting Healthy Relationships for Youth: Breaking Down The Silos in Addressing Mental Health & Violence
February 15-17, 2017
London, ON.

Click here to view the presentation slideshow.

LFCC Presentation Abstract
Funded through Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy this first phase of research through a court related clinical service furthers understanding regarding poverty and youth in the context of their mental health status, peer relationships, social determinants of health, and gender. Access to timely and effective service can interrupt a cycle of antisocial behaviour and promote positive youth outcomes. Those who exist on the margins economically however are disadvantaged in accessing those same services. These findings are part of the groundwork in promoting a targeted service for certain youth and their families that supports the navigation through the child and family service delivery system.

Discussant: Dan Ashbourne, PhD., C. Psych., Executive Director, LFCC