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By invitation, Clinic staff provide onsite training and public speaking in North America and abroad. Our trainers distill the latest research and convey results in an interactive format designed to be relevant for front-line professionals with either introductory material or advanced skills for seasoned staff.

The majority of interest is in the topic of children exposed to family violence, but we also do training in:
adolescent suicide in residential facilities (prevention and intervention),

  • anger awareness in adolescents,
  • compassion fatigue,
  • ambiguous loss,
  • bullying in and near schools,
  • conduct disorder,
  • depression and suicide in adolescents,
  • cognitive-behavioural approaches to intervention,
  • interviewing children,
  • peer-to-peer aggression in residential settings,
  • preparing children for court testimony,
  • understanding anxiety,
  • and vicarious trauma in service providers.

We integrate research with feedback from training to create useful resources for front-line professionals.

Clinic staff are available to conduct a multitude of workshops of varying length/content dependent on the requirements of the requesting agency. Workshops are generally smaller scale training initiatives that may incorporate group/practiced activities. Modules incorporate a guided learning format that also includes case consultation/assignments. This type of training may begin initially in workshop format.

Please direct any questions in relation to training to