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Dr. Daniel T. Ashbourne

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Dr. Daniel T.  Ashbourne, C.Psych

Executive Director


Dr. Ashbourne is a Registered Clinical Psychologist in the province of Ontario, and is the Executive Director at The London Family Court Clinic (LFCC). The Clinic is uniquely designed to work with children and youth who are involved with legal and clinical systems, as well as their families. While overseeing the leadership at LFCC, Dr. Ashbourne also provides assessments and consultations to the courts for the Youth Court, Child Welfare and Custody and Access programs, as well as assisting in mediation and parenting co-ordination initiatives at the Clinic. He provides consultation to the ADR-LINK referral service and the FASD initiatives at the clinic. Dr. Ashbourne brings to the Clinic more than 25 years of clinical experience that enables him to speak on the impact of children’s exposure to domestic violence and child abuse, parenting assessments and service recommendations, as well as to families in the midst of divorce or separation challenges. Dr. Ashbourne has testified as an expert witness on many different clinical issues for families in criminal and family courts in various Ontario jurisdictions.

Dr. Ashbourne has provided training on topics such as: “Suicide Prevention, Intervention, & Postvention”; “Cognitive Behavioural Interventions”, “High Conflict Divorce/Separations,” “Parental Alienation;” “Addictions, Rehabilitation, & Parenting”; “Meeting Children’s Needs in the Separation & Divorce Process”; “Enhancing Parenting Through Difficult Times: Promoting Positive Relationships Between Parent(s) and Child(ren)”; “Children Exposed to Domestic Violence and/or Abuse”; “Child Protection and the Law;” “The Overlap Between the Youth Criminal Justice Act and Child Protection”; “In the Middle and Friends”- an adult and children’s Divorce Education Program; “Role Playing and Anger Awareness” programming for youth; “Assessing Parenting Capacity”; Appropriate Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR); and, “Child Abuse and Family Violence”.

Dr. Ashbourne has been invited to consultations on: “The Provincial Review of ADR”; “Supervised Visitation (Access) Focus Group”; “Effective Consultation with Medical, Educational, and Children’s Aid Professionals”; Health and Welfare Canada’s Guidelines for research and treatment programs related to “Evaluation of Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Programs in the Rural Setting”; and participated in an Atlantic Regional Workshop on “Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse, Assault, and Neglect.”

While working in Newfoundland, Dr. Ashbourne helped implement a “Child/Parent Resource Centre” in a local housing complex, which was funded by Health and Welfare Canada. Dr. Ashbourne and others at the London Family Court Clinic have participated in the development of research through the evaluation of “Mediation with Child Protection Cases,” as well as being on the steering committees for some new initiatives, such as “Therapeutic Access and Therapeutic Parenting Programs at Merrymount, “Helping Children Thrive – Supporting Woman Abuse Survivors as Mothers”; and, a new parenting program called “Caring Dads” designed to promote healthier father-child relationships. The Caring Dads program is based on power and control dynamics. It was tested in London, Toronto, and Boston, for fathers with abusive parenting approaches.  Dr. Ashbourne continues to consult on FASD initiatives with 14 community partners; “ADR-LINK”, which serves the Southwest region of Ontario & links various CAS agencies with ADR professionals, as families seek alternatives to court. Dr. Ashbourne has also assisted with the London Youth Poverty Reduction research efforts at LFCC; and, is working to help develop the new London-Middlesex Child and Youth Advocacy Centre.